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Health Description :-                                           

                  In 1946, World Health Organization ( WHO ) defined health as " a state of complete physical, mind and social well-being and  not merely the absence of disease or infirmity ". In simple word  , one person’s health depend upon good performace of body , mind and society interaction ( move around with another people ) but not merely without any disease  or illness .   In more recent years , this statement has been modified to include the ability to lead a " socially and economically productive life " .

                 In the medical field , the technical term for health is homeostasis ( refers to the normal functioning ), an organism's ability to efficiently respond to stresses and effectively restore and sustain a " state of balance ". In the field of alternative medicine the term used to describe one's overall state of being is wellness .

                 Healthy individuals are able to mobilize all their physical , mind , and Good resources to live happy , and to be of benefit to their dependents and society .

                 Some words related to ‘ health ‘ are soundness , wholeness , healthiness , physical wellness , mind wellness . 

                  present medical practice and public health are concerned about the health of individuals and populations . However , for most individuals and for many cultures , People feel his  health is good and associated with contentment and often taken for granted when all is going well . Health in this sense is difficult to describe or define , but its absence is readily recognizable , when there is slight illness .


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