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Health Quotes :-        

                 “ Happiness lies, first of all , in health

                 Health is Wealth ”  

                 Face is the index of the mind ”  

                 " The human body is the best picture of the   human soul "

                  The two precious items in the world are time and health

                  " Prevention is better than cure "

                 " Ear congestion problem is solved through good proteins , vitamins and minerals ."

                       " Malnutrition problem is prevailing all over the world . Some parts of human has malnutrition for some persons . So one should take healthy food diet ( take correct medicine if needed )
( healthy food diet contain good carbohydrate , good protein , vitamins and minerals ) 

                 " Correct Medicine will solve one's problem . Otherwise it is not correct medicine . One should contact
same or another doctor "

               " If no good original doctor , then donot have confident in (bad,(good and bad)) doctor . Have Confident in Good Original Food , Good Original Water "


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