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Health Maintenance :-                    

              Some of the ways in which health is maintained are a safe environment , enhanced immunity , wise behaviour ( sensible behavior ) , good nutrition , hygiene , well-born children , Wise ( prudent ) health care , exercise , yoga and meditation . The ways in which health is maintained are explained below . Health should be maintained to lead a long life .

Safe Environment :

             Among the basic requirements for good health are clean air , unpolluted water , land or water or air free from toxic substances , shelter that protects people against the natural calamities , sanitary disposal of human wastes , access to healthy food , free from threat of war and injustice . A major part of world’s population are in need of these essential requirements for good health .

Enhanced Immunity :

             Next is the protection of infants and children against dangerous infectious diseases . Immunization had almost wiped out malaria , Small pox and whooping cough . Some of the diseases preventable through vaccination are measles mumps , typhoid ( infectious feverish disease ) , typhus ( infectious feverish disease transmitted by parasites ) and yellow fever . These disease were completely preventable because of immunization .

Wise Performance :

            The way people perform influences their health in many ways , and performing wise is a clear requirement for good health . Health-related performance is influenced by our values, which are determined by childhood , by example , by experience , by the company ( friends or relatives ) one keeps , by the influential power of advertising ( often a force that can harm health ), and by effective health education . These influences affect everyone . But mostly sensitive children , These lead to good or poor health .

Good Nutrition :

            A healthy diet comprises a mixture of the main varieties of nutrients like protein , carbohydrates , fats , minerals , and vitamins in moderate quantity . Many people do not follow healthy diet in their routine due to many reasons . Some of the reasons are one do not have adequate knowledge about the food , one doesn’t have enough determination to eat food in moderate quantity , adequate money to eat healthy food and taste of each people . Healthy diet is important for maintaining the health .

Hygiene :

            Hygiene is the practice of keeping the body clean to prevent infection and illness , and the avoidance of contact with infectious agents like bacteria , fungus , parasites , chemicals . Hygiene practices include bathing , brushing the teeth , washing hands before and after eating , washing food before it is cooked , washing legs and e.t.c . Many soap companies made product that make body and hand clean . Many Hand wash items are in a market to make hand clean . Cleanliness took a driving seat in present world .

Well - Born Children :

            Well Born Children are those who born healthy from their mother during birth . Healthy means body and mind health in good , normal condition . After child is naturally born from their parents , they have to nurture ( take care of ) securely and pass different stages in a timely manner to grow strong .

Wise Health Care :

            Hospitals remain dangerous places where patients are at risk of infection by other patients and contaminated instruments . New procedures may go wrong .  Sometimes medicine can be administered wrongly to the patient or given in wrong dosages . Sometimes these happen rarely without intention . Considering these things , Wise health care has gaining importance . Each and every hospital is doing wise health care services .

Exercise :

            Exercise is doing body activity in order to develop or maintain physical fitness and overall health . Exercise is done by various countries in a world . It is often directed towards gaining more physical ability or body skill . Daily physical exercise is an important component in the prevention of some of the diseases such as cancer , heart disease , cardiovascular disease ( heart ) , Type 2 diabetes ( Sugar ) , obesity ( very fat ) and back pain . 

Some categories in Exercise are

.) Flexibility exercises such as stretching improve the range of motion of muscles and joints .

.) Aerobic exercises such as walking , joging and running focus on increasing cardiovascular endurance .

.) Anaerobic exercises such as weight lifting or sprinting ( run or swim at full speed ) increase short-term muscle strength .

            Physical exercise is considered important for maintaining physical fitness , promoting physiological well-being and strengthening the immune system .

            Major supplements after doing exercise are Healthy food diet , Proper rest . If Healthy food diet is not maintained during Exercise , person becomes weak . Proper rest after doing exercise is also necessary to improve the body nerves , muscles , bones , joints and body parts .

Yoga :

      ‘ Yoga ‘ is doing physical movements of a body slowly . Yoga should be learnt from the Tutor of Yoga ( One who knows yoga very well ) . There are may sub branches inside Yoga . Yoga which is learnt from the Tutor should be followed regularly . Even 5 minutes or 10 minutes of doing yoga will nourish your day . Nowadays importance towards Yoga is increased . Daily Yoga is an important component in the prevention of some of the diseases such as cancer , heart disease , cardiovascular disease ( heart ) , Type 2 diabetes ( Sugar ) , obesity ( very fat ) and back pain . Doing Yoga will relax your body , relieves stress and most importantly improve and maintain your health .

Meditation :

      ‘ Meditation ‘ is mostly related to Mind and Heart . In general words , ‘ Meditation ‘ means thinking . In Meditation , one should be relaxed , normal , feel relaxed , feel comfortable , positive thinking or do nothing in a place where you do meditation . Even relaxed and normal during meditation for 1 to 5 minutes works very well . Very few minutes are recommended for doing Meditation . Meditation improve your mind power , mind concentration , mind focus .


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