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Determinants of Health :-                    

                Some of the determinants of health are human biology , physical or environment , physical  fitness , mind health , social , cultural factors , lifestyle , healthcare services .

Human Biology :

               Biological determinants of health are inherent or acquired. Genetic heritage is a contributing factor to long life, and resistance to a wide range of diseases that include the microorganisms responsible for some of the great plagues ( contagious disease ), the influenza ( respiratory tract infection ) and smallpox viruses, the malaria parasite that have cause problems humans for millennium . Genetic features are mostly inherited from their family members like parents , grand parents e.t.c .

              Routine immunization of infants and small children protects them from harm by many common and once disease including those that cause diphtheria ( infectious disease with inflammation of the throat ), measles , tetanus ( disease in which muscles contract and stiffen caused by bacteria )   and whooping - cough. Nutritional status is another important influence on resistance to infection. Individuals and populations are mostly at risk when they are malnourished or starved .   

Physical or Environment :

             Most important physical or Environment factor is energy of the sun , which is essential for all life on earth . From ancient era to till now , people felt climate , country’s geographic position determine the health of a person . Climate is assuming greater importance than previously due to the climate changes caused by increasing industrialization , pollution .Changes in Climate can make person accessible to some disease .  Pollution is the mother of many present day diseases. Pollution tend to weaken the immune system of human being . Asthuma disease came after (bad , (good and bad)) extraterrestial spoiled human severely in another way around year 1900 . There are good medicines found by good original researchers to solve "Asthuma" problem . Around 2000's , (bad , (good and bad)) extraterrestial try to spoil , spoiled human (ear problems,eye problems,cough problems,global warming,pain problems,e.t.c) too severely in many ways .Many adulterants , wrong substance is mixed in Foods , Medicines , Water which make life not easy . People should be aware , hate and dont take adulterants and wrong substance in Foods , Medicines , Water . Around 10 different sexual intercourse make AIDS disease . More than around 10 different sexual disease make health of a person worse which cause Severe AIDS (AIDS + Cancer) . Follow 1 wife , 1 husband culture throughout life which is nice . Passing Lazer (UV Rays , Infrared rays , X rays , Gamma Rays , Cosmic rays , Visible light , Radio waves , Micro waves , Sound , Smell , e.t.c ) is injurious to health of not good original objects . In Present generation , Mostly Malaria problem doesnot exist because of Medicine , Nature , (Against malaria spray) , Vaccination .  Pollution has already make many skin diseases to people. The polluted water , lack of iodine to stimulate the thyroid gland , and increase in polluted material like lead compounds that damage the developing brain , damage our health .

Physical fitness :

           Healthy diet contains carbohydrates , fats , minerals , proteins and vitamins in moderate quantity . Eating a healthy diet prevent a person from many diseases . Doing Exercise and Yoga will reduce body sugar , fat and cholesterol and attain physical fitness, reduce stress . Habits like no wrong sex , no smoking , no alcohol and no wrong substance are examples of one's lifestyle that generally improve one's health .

Mind health :

           Mind health is a concept that refers to a human individual's emotional , thoughts and head parts well-being . Human being should use his/her knowledge and emotional capabilities , do day to day simple activities in the society . Eating healthy diet , Accustomed or Experience to difficult situation , think positvely , mind relaxed generally improve one’s health .

Social :

           Social factors that influence or determine health are difficult to determine . One who lives alone in a house with no friends does perform less when compared to those who have family with some friends . Social networks , support systems  and social positions , led by individuals in the society determine his/her health . 

Culture :

          Culture is defined as the set of customs , traditions , values , intellectual , and artistic qualities , and religious beliefs that distinguish one social group or nation from another nation . Culture influences health through customs such as use of healthy diet and abstention from (wrong sex , wrong substance , alcohol , and tobacco) . In all cultures  , health consciousness should be there is realized .              

Lifestyle :

               From ancient era to present era , Life style determines one’s health . One who intake less sugar in his / her food diet is generally accessible to no diabetes disease . Some prefer walking in their lifestyle which decrease sugar , cholesterol , stress  in their body. Like wise there are many useful life style ways in which one can improve the health .

Healthcare services :

               Advancement in healthcare services determine one’s health . There were many advancement in health care services . New medicines were introduced into the market to reduce disease . Even Old medicines work better to cure disease . Some medicines prescribed by the doctor cure the disease very easily . So these Health care have a strong impact or strong determinants on one’s health .


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