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Education Description :-           

                            Education consists of teaching , learning specific skills , and also something not physical relating to thoughts like knowing the knowledge , positive judgment , positive thought and confidence . Education has basic aspects of knowing the culture like food , sex  , god , family and e.t.c. from generation to generation . Education means knowing the self , knowing the self potential , knowing the world , improvement of mind thoughts . Education derives knowledge from theory , research and practical situation . Some of the subjects in Education are computer science , language , mathematics , history , physics , chemistry , biology , banking , income tax , arts , geography , commerce , acccountancy , economics , law .

                    The education of an individual human begins at birth and continues throughout life . ( Some believe that education begins even before birth , as evidenced by some parents' reading , worshipping  and thinking about God to the baby in the womb in the hope it will influence the child's development ) . For some , the struggles and triumphs of daily life provide far more instruction than does formal schooling .


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