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Education System :-                

                    The different types in education system are Primary education , Secondary education , Higher education , Adult education . These were explained in brief below . In Primary education and Secondary education , Schooling occurs for young people . Schooling occurs when society or a group or an individual sets up a curriculum to educate people . Schooling can become systematic and complete in every way .

Primary education :

Primary or elementary education consists of the first few years of formal, structured education that occur during childhood . In most countries , it is compulsory for children to receive primary education ( parents generally provide education in early days of childhood ) . In developing countries , Government provide free primary education to those who are underprivileged in the society . Primary education generally begins when children are four to eight years of age . Children do not remember starting days of primary education .  Schools which provide primary education are referred to as primary schools . Next to primary education is secondary education .

Secondary education :

In most countries , secondary education consists of the second stages of formal education that occur during teenage years or adolescence in their life . Secondary education generally occurs at different ages in adolescence according to different countries in a world .  It is intermediate between  typically compulsory, comprehensive primary education for minors  and higher education for adults . Some say secondary education schools as secondary schools , high schools , middle schools . The exact meaning between primary and secondary education varies from country to country . The purpose of secondary education can be to give common knowledge , to prepare for either higher education or to train directly to a profession .

Higher education :

Higher education is done after Secondary education  . Higher education is called as post secondary education . Higher education  is the non - compulsory educational level following the completion of a school providing a secondary education , such as a high school , secondary school  . Higher education is normally taken to include undergraduate ( student who has taken or not taken one degree ) and postgraduate education ( student who has taken one degree or more than one degree ) , as well as vocational education and training . In vocation education and training they train to do a work , trade or profession . Colleges and universities are the main institutions that provide Higher education . At the end of higher education in Colleges and Universities , Universities issue certificates , diplomas  or academic degrees . Higher education includes teaching , research , learning , discipline and social services activities of universities . In most developed countries a high proportion of the population now enter higher education at some time in their lives . Higher education is therefore very important to a country . Those persons who completed Higher education think and do well in the society .

Adult education :

Adult Education is a type of education which not arises from Primary Education , Secondary Education and Higher Education . This adult education has become widespread in many countries . Adult education is named as adult learning or lifelong learning . Adult education usually arises from  self - directed learning ( learning from thoughts in the mind towards situation ) . Self – directed learning is a important one . Self – directed learning starts before going to school . Lending libraries provide not expensive informal access to books and other self - instructional materials . The rise in computer ownership and internet access has given both adults and children greater access to both formal and informal education .


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