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Education Process :-              

               In present days of education , Education process is classified as Learning , Teaching , Parent Guidance and Technology .

Learning :

              The three learning modes of Education are Kinesthetic ( movements ) , Visual ( eye ) and Auditory ( ear ) .

              Kinesthetic Learning – Kinesthetic learning is learning the movements of a body or work . Learning skills from football tutor , tennis tutor , base ball tutor , cricket tutor are examples of Kinesthetic Learning . Learning how to write , movement of hands and legs to do work are also examples of Kinesthetic Learning . Kinesthetic learning is mostly compulsory in Sports field . Kinesthetic learning is needed in other fields too . Some movements while doing work even nourish your body .

             Visual Learning – Visual learning is learning through Eye Vision  . The main function  of eye is to see and observe . Learning computer , Reading books is mainly done through Visual Learning . Visual Learning is used in other fields too .Watching movie relax your mind . Mostly male human being prefer Visual Learning .

             Auditory learning – Auditory learning is learning through Ear . The main function of ear is to listen sounds or music . Learning from the speeches of Tutor ,  Learning from the voice of persons are examples of auditory learning . Listening to music relax your mind . Mostly female human being prefer Auditory Learning .

           Without these learning modes of education one cannot do well in any field . People should be satisfied with their learning skills .

Teaching :

                  Teaching is a process which provides knowledge to students . Successful teaching mostly belongs to teachers  . Teaching is not a easy job for Teachers . Teachers needs ability to understand a subject well enough to convey its content to students . The goal is to establish a sound knowledge base on which students will be able to build as they are exposed to different life experiences . Teachers shape the character of an individual . Good teachers should be able to give correct information , experience and wisdom that is suitable to life in long run in a way that can be understood and retained by the student  .

Parent guidance :

                              Parent guidance is needed in child’s education . Before going to school and during starting years of primary education in child’s life , parent guidance is must or important . Only very few persons learn without parent guidance  during childhood . Giving knowledge at an early age  to child ,  ask child to pronounce certain words with their mouth , ask child to write alphabets ,  teach interpersonal communication skills ,  teach about healthy life style or habit which is suitable to body and mind in long run are examples of parent guidance . Parent should be well educated to guide their child ( Son or Daughter ) . Parent should perform or behave well before their child ( Son or Daughter ) as this influence child’s behaviour . Parent guidance to their sons / daughters can be given at any age .

Technology :

                   Technology is used in present era during education . Some of the technologies used in education are Computer , Telephone , Mobile phones , Mike , Speaker , Television , Audio System . In computer , there are many sub branches . Education which is done with the help of computers is called Online Education . In Online Education , One can read the online book material and write online exams . There are many universities in this world which provide online education . Encyclopedia ( Dictionary ) available in Compact disc ( CD )  , DVD ‘s  or through Online . These serves as a useful media in providing Education or Knowledge . There are many softwares like student management software and e.t.c which will help the teachers in managing the students . One can do presentation using power point software .  Some pictures and speeches  of personalities is stored . These were shown in television with their voices . These tend to provide education in certain universities and in offices . Mike and speaker is used in audio conferencing . Audio conferencing is a part of education in many universities . Presently Video – Audio conferencing is in the education field and in the market  .

                    Technologies are common in Developed countries . Education learnt from Technology should be used for welfare of the people . Technology should not spoil the community . Technology how it works should be even , fair and proper for each and every people in this world . Computer should work properly without hacking is a need for the welfare of Education . Like wise it is similar to all technologies used for Education .


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